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MRT Lock 1.0

Lock your PC and keep it safe from curious eyes while you are away
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MRT Lock is a light-weight, simple and free program that will keep your PC locked until you press a determined hotkey, which you have set before on the program's interface. If you want to keep your PC safe from curious eyes while you are away, this tiny but powerful application can be a good option to choose.

There are many times when you are at home or at the office and you need to leave your PC for a moment, but you don't want others to pry into your private documents or programs while you are out. This tiny program can help you to lock you PC easily, and in this way, nobody will be able to access it unless a specific hotkey combination is pressed.

The hotkey combination can be easily set, combining the control and shift keys, with any other key of your keyboard you find convenient. Besides, you can also set time in seconds, and after this period, your PC will automatically be locked. In addition, you can also set the program to lock you PC at Startup, or start the program with your Windows loading.

Finally, you should not forget the hotkey combination, because literally nothing will unlock your PC, and this may be an annoying situation.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Lock your PC easily
  • Lock PC after a determined number of seconds
  • Light-weight


  • Would be better if a password can be also typed to unlock the PC, and not only a hotkey combination
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